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With more than 200,000 on the roads of Lahore only, rickshaws remain to be the largest network of commuting medium available to the everyday urban commuters. While rickshaws have been a part of our mornings and evenings, rush hours and escapades, there continues to exist a plethora of unaddressed issues in this vertical that offers a room for significant improvement. We are building Shahi Sawari to be a solution to all these problems. We envision a different rickshaw ride for you. One where you don’t have to stand stranded on the road in the middle of a night looking for a ride, walk miles to find the nearest rickshaw or constantly negotiate your way through with the rickshaw drivers in pursuit of a reasonable fare. We are passionate about Shahi Sawari’s potential as a market-based solution that will delight commuters and generate incremental income for rickshaw driver. Our mission is to positively impact commuter satisfaction while increasing the prospects of a better livelihood for the rickshaw drivers. Moving forward, one step at a time, we are starting from the heart of Pakistan: Lahore.

  • Reasonable Fares
  • We ensure safest booking!
  • Professionals to the core!
  • Trained and Verified drivers
  • At your doorstep. Anytime, Anywhere!
  • Travel safer and Faster
  • 24/7 Reliable Service
  • No more haggling for fares!
  • Evolving the way you commute


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Aiming to redefine the auto rickshaw experience in Pakistan.we are looking to evolve the way you look at this ever so popular mode of transport while paving a path towards a better future for the rickshaw drivers.


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  24/7 reliable service
  safe and secure
  trained and verified drivers
  at your doorstep. anytime anywhere

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  LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship 3rd Floor SDBS, DHA Lahore Pakistan